Luxury sleepwear brand Tassels was born out of a childhood friendship between two Bahraini designers Maryam Alkhan and Layla Sharaf, who first met when they were at high school and went on to share a flat at university in England. It was while hosting relaxed gatherings for their friends at Manchester University that they had the idea to reinvent sleepwear by designing elegant and comfortable pieces that looked equally stylish worn at home - or outside. They called it 'walking sleepwear' and in 2017 Tassels was launched.
From testing out their signature sleek and minimal designs on university friends, the two young entrepreneurs have gone on to carve a niche in the luxury pajamas and loungewear market in the Middle East – and beyond. In fact, with more people than ever now working from home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, they proved themselves well ahead of the global trend for lounge and streetwear.
The key to the brand is its sustainability ethos. Most of the high-quality fabric, mostly sourced from India, is eco-friendly and naturally dyed and includes woven organic cotton, linen, and wood-fiber satin, which is a sustainable alternative to silk as well as being cool to the skin. All Tassels’ packaging is made from fabric in order to reduce plastic usage and is therefore reusable. The stylish organic cotton pouches make the perfect gift bags – and come complete with handmade drawstring tassels for an added luxe touch.

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