Ramla Bahrain

RAMLA means sand in Arabic and is based on inspirations that are made out of memories, experiences, Egyptian culture, and heritage. Reem Hamed is an Egyptian interior and architected designer, born and raised in Cairo. She’s the founder and creative director of the lifestyle brand RAMLA, a locally grown footwear brand founded in June 2017, aiming to reinvent the female wardrobe with the revive of a lost culture and empowering women artisans.

There is no limitation when it comes to inspiration, especially when you are born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. Since the beginning, in every collection, we reveal a new technique and work with different artisans to show the true values that are hidden in Egypt, creating timeless pieces that are made to last and are 100% proudly made in Egypt. In late 2019, our brand RAMLA introduced its sister company Beit RAMLA, a new line expansion where we embrace the simplicity in the space for women and men.

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