Noura Sulaiman is a contemporary Riyadh-based luxury womenswear label that celebrates the art of timeless style, without the fuss. Inspired by Saudi designer Noura Sulaiman's respectful approach to culture and society, the brand delivers captivating, classically feminine looks that reference an appreciation for refined etiquette. Trends and collections are eschewed for a sustainable, stand-out take on fashion that delivers artful, limited edition abayas, dresses, and jackets that quietly accentuate the elegance of their wearer.

Born into a family of artists and designers, Noura Sulaiman discovered her passion for fashion design at the age of 12 when she designed her first dress for a cousin’s wedding. Following her graduation from Riyadh's art and skills institute’s prestigious fashion design program in 2011, Noura began her career as a designer creating one-of-a-kind abayas and dresses for her inner circle of family and friends.

Noura’s eponymous label represents her unwavering dedication to the art of fashion design and reflects her reverence for her culture, her passion, and her clientele.

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