Founded in 2020, Neutra is a minimalist, artisanal collection of items tagged as Neu and Re, designed for both women and men handcrafted by Rya Tmiri.
Taking inspiration from architecture and minimalism being at the heart and soul of the vision for Neutra, we aim to compose new wearable forms on the body by reconstructing known silhouettes to form shapes that are easy to wear and made with care.
The overall ambition is to stay true to our vision for Neutra; creating for artistic development and preserving the nature & integrity of the brand by adopting a strong design & quality first process.
Going forward we hope to become completely ethical and transparent in our practice and be somewhat sustainable by reducing as much waste as we can and developing cleaner, efficient methods to manufacture and deliver.
All items added to the list will be carefully curated and made available to offer a unique, individualised experience.

Keywords | Neu | New items made from premium fabrics | Re | Repurposed, Vintage.

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