Jdeed resembles a redefinition and opposition of the old. A new state of mind rising above expired constructs, one that universally unites. A pathway that powers your next steps to your unapologetic, revamped, and truest self. Our pieces are designed in London with inspiration taken from Palestine & the Middle East, with the aim to recommunicate the essence of the Keffiyeh scarf and provide a fresh view of Palestine & Jordan, shining a positive light on a culture so rich with design, craft, and beauty. Jdeed is working closely with the Palestinian refugees in the Jerash Camp in Jordan, pledging 10% of all profits to support them.

We created a way to showcase the craftsmanship and talent of the women in the Jerash Camp for Palestinian Refugees in Jordan, allowing it to be seen first-hand by our community! We gave each woman the freedom to design and embroider a pattern of her choice, using the label as a canvas to share her skills with the world. As a result, each label is unique, bridging the gap between the buyer and the Palestinian women. The labels are proudly displayed on the outside of the hoodies, with each one signed by the woman who designed it. 

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