Arak, a social enterprise supporting underprivileged women, has been a success story in the MENA region since its inception in 2018. Arak is a modern resort wear label that transcends the realm of fashion. The brand name Arak, which translates to “I see you” in English, holds significance as it honors old traditions by drawing attention to a fading culture. Each garment narrates a wider story. In an effort to support and empower the local community, each piece is handmade by artisanal women across Jordan. By doing so, the brand aims to preserve the human touch whilst creating unique pieces.

Arak’s high-quality pieces are sustainable and friendly to the environment. By eliminating fast fashion trends, the brand aims to remain sustainable through its social impact, locally produced pieces as well as eco-friendly packaging.

When building the Arak brand, the founders Abla and Raneen Kawar were given opportunities to extract ideas from various cultures throughout their travels only to find themselves gravitating towards their own rich culture so deeply rooted in their family heritage.

 The Kawar cousins felt the need to preserve the beauty of the culture represented by the different communities in the Middle East, most of which are getting lost and forgotten in the cracks of modernity.

Urged to release their inner creativity through a menswear resort clothing line, that is both trendy and unique, Arak was born, aiming to revive and preserve their rich heritage.


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