A-She is a Jordanian RTW clothing brand that aims to empower women through design. Founded by Razan Shehadeh, who decided to continue and start her own brand since back in June 2019 when she graduated from Esmod Dubai, and her graduation collection was mainly based on equality and feminism.

A-She takes root from a philosophical concept through which it conceives the power to make things happen and produce change. The concept of A-She has been based on the image of their customers: independent, feminine, and ambitious women. It represents a fusion of their own unique touch along with the Middle Eastern touch when Arabic slogans are embroidered on some pieces.

Our icon stands for 'she'; the beautiful, creative, strong, independent, and ambitious
woman who can get whatever she puts her mind into. Our aim is to send a message by creating a fashion line that truly speaks to every woman and encourages her to be the best version of herself because she simply can.

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