The 101 with Jalila Nayil | The Slow vs The Fast |

“ There is confidence in simplicity.“ By Jalila Nayil
Jalila Nayil, founder of Laith is a conceptual artist and designer who is inspired by simple living. She invests her time in linking creativity to well-being.
Q. How would you define slow fashion?  How do you implement “slow fashion” with Laith?
Slow fashion is a method we follow and define uniquely to fit our vision. We work mindfully, creating pieces of the utmost quality. The well-being of the people we work with is also essential. Therefore, work is regarded as comfort that reflects the quality of living.
Q. Do you think it’s a trend? Or do you think people are starting to be aware of the ethical damage of fast fashion?
It's both a trend and awareness. What matters most is that we educate ourselves and others regarding our responsibility towards life.
Q. Do you think there will ever be a total switch to slow fashion? Or do you think people will always stick to fast fashion especially with their daily-wear?
All I know is that a mindset needs to occur, and with an implemented habit, we can see progress.
Q. “People don't treat cheap clothes with the same care as the designer pieces” What’s your comment?
Everything we buy needs to be treated with respect, period. 
Q. There’s a lot of debate about slow fashion - some think that we need fast fashion to supply to those who can't afford the luxury of slow fashion/quality pieces - What’s your comment on that?
We can revert to second-hand outlets that are affordable. Fast is an easy option, but it is short-term and fleeting. That said, the future is what we need to honour. Being visionaries. 
Q. Do you think more designers in the fashion industry should consider producing more affordable yet ethical pieces to tackle the issue of fast fashion?
Different people value different things. Quality is a high standard, and maintaining it is hard these days. Maybe we can try to make it at a reasonable price. If one purchases an item of quality that is durable and wears it often, it is more affordable in the long run
Q. What does the future look like for Jalila?
Wow, that's an interesting question. In my nature, I work by impulse (so I don't plan much usually). However, with the current pandemic, clarified the need to be more orientated towards the future but consider the importance of flexibility.
Q. What does the future look like for Laith?
Bright, :D. Laith is more than a fashion brand, it's a mindset for well-being. We treat the items we create with love and respect and we are dedicated to them. Each piece is a story of embarkment and a journey of hope and awareness. The tale of Laith is still being written, and I love the direction it's taking
Q. Do you think true invention in fashion is still possible?
There is always a possibility, but from my perspective, everything is built on layers. There is strength in that.. imagine wearing a piece of clothing that has been in the works for over a century, redefined and designed by you with the knowledge and history of our past cultures. This is beauty carried on with us. It's a delightful tribute.
Q. If you could change one thing in the fashion industry - what would it be ? and what’s the one thing you love the most about it?
I would change the hustle and fast-paced competitive nature, as life is in of itself overwhelming. Being part of the fashion scene has taught me that you will end up nowhere without a plan. What I constantly appreciate is the support we receive at Laith.
Q. How was Jalila in the beginning of your journey with Laith? And what would be your proudest moment throughout?
Looking back, as a designer. I've always gravitated towards clean and minimal aesthetics. However, my chaotic life still managed to take over. I tend to hold onto sentimental artwork. Because life is beautiful and everything I kept gave me validation of my experience as a visual artist. This was a tough time, but it led me to realize that hoarding can hinder my well-being, so Laith appeared, and it became my journey towards simple living. Being authentic is alright. We can be ourselves without being perfect and learn to accept who we are.
Q. The cliche # 1 :  If you had to talk about a topic for 30 mins - what would it be?
Interior design. Haha
Q. The cliche , the necessary ending  # 2 : First advice that comes to mind as you are reading this?
Stay humble, be truthful and kind.